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Privacy policy

Undiscovered Britain & Ireland LTD is highly sensitive to the privacy and interests of consumers and believes that the protection of those interests is one of its most significant responsibilities.


In acknowledgment of its obligations, Undiscovered Britain & Ireland LTD has adopted the following Privacy Policy, applicable to information about it's clients that it acquires in the course of planning your trip:


1. Acquisition of Information

We do not acquire any more information than is required by law or is otherwise necessary in order to provide a high level of service both efficiently and securely.


2. Employees and Privacy

We train all of our employees about the importance of privacy. We give access to information about clients only to those employees who require it to perform their jobs.


3. Security Measures

We make access to privacy-sensitive information subject to rigorous procedural and technological controls, consistent with legal requirements and the demands of customer service.


4. Disclosure to Third Parties

We will provide individually-identifiable information about clients to third parties only if we are compelled to do so by order of a duly-empowered governmental authority, we have the express permission of the client, or it is necessary to process transactions and provide our services.


5. Privacy and Our Business Partners

When we make our technology or services available to business partners, we will not share with them any more client information than is necessary, and we will make every reasonable effort to assure, by contract or otherwise, that they use our technology and services in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Retail travel agency policy

Undiscovered Britain & Ireland Ltd is delighted, now as ever, to work directly with retail travel agents in arranging specialized travel or booking any of our tours for their clients.


We can offer either net rates or commissionable tours and will be happy to discuss any special requests you may have.

Booking & Reservations Procedures: Undiscovered Britain & Ireland (UB) requires either a personal check made out to the business name; or a credit card number (Visa or MasterCard only) with billing address and phone number in order to request a reservation.  Once a reservation has been made, the credit card will be charged a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 30% of the package price, or 50% for bookings made less than 3 months prior to departure.  Final payment by personal check or credit card is due 45 days prior to departure.  For bookings made 45 days or less prior to departure from the US, we request full payment at the time of reservations.


Fees: Bookings made, or payments received 21 days or less prior to departure from the US will be accessed an additional $25.00 fee before travel documents will be issued.  These fees are non-refundable.


Change Fees:

Before Final Documentation is sent: $35.00 per person

After Final Documentation has been sent: $50.00 per person plus any supplier (hotels, car rental companies, etc.) fees.


Cancellation Fees:

Full deposit amount per person; non-refundable if cancelled 46 days or more prior to travel


Once final payment has been made, it is entirely non-refundable, therefore, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT TRAVELERS OBTAIN TRAVEL INSURANCE.  


​Any cancellations must be received in writing by mail, fax or email before they can be processed.


Refunds:  Notice for refund requests must be forwarded to Undiscovered Britain by registered mail no later than 14 days from completion of the trip, with a detailed explanation of why the refund is requested.  All unused documents should be returned with the request. It is entirely the discretion of Undiscovered Britain as to whether the refund, either full or partial, will be given.

After this time, no refunds will be considered.  Reservations that have been cancelled by the traveler directly with a hotel or any other supplier do not qualify for a refund.  Please note that there are no refunds for any packages designated as non-refundable.  


Not Included: Any items of a personal nature including but not limited to: phone calls, gratuities, laundry, beverages, meals not stated, taxi and bus fares, passport and visa fees.


Prices: Undiscovered Britain & Ireland reserves the right to adjust prices according to exchange rate fluctuations or any increase in vendor rates. Once deposit is received, UBI will only pass on increases in government taxes.


Passports/Visas: It is the sole responsibility of each passenger to obtain the necessary documents, such as passports and visas, for travel. Visa requirements do change without notice and vary by nationality. Please check with the consulate office of the destination country as to visa requirements.


Responsibility: UBI and/or its agents act only as booking agents for railways, tourist boards, hotels, sightseeing vendors, car rentals and/or any other service in connection with the itineraries of individual or group travelers. Every reservation is accepted subject to the terms and conditions of the suppliers. UBI  shall not be liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, irregularity, liability or expense to person or property due to an act or default by any company or person providing or rendering services included in the tour. UBI and/or its agents accept no responsibility for any sickness, injury, pilferage, labor dispute, machinery breakdown, government restraint, act of god, war, terrorism, weather condition, defect in vehicle or transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other circumstances beyond their control. The responsibility of any airline used is solely that set out in the passenger contract evidenced by the ticket. Airlines and other carriers are not responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not aboard their planes or conveyances. UBI cannot be held responsible for variations in length or content of sightseeing.


UBI reserves the right to make any changes in the itinerary whenever, in their opinion, conditions require it or when they are necessary for the safety, comfort or convenience of the travelers.


In addition, UBI does not guarantee the psychological satisfaction of the client.  We always do, however, endeavor to provide a positive  and enjoyable experience for each person who is traveling with our company.  


Terms & Conditions

Organizations and memberships

SCOTSMaster - Scottish Tourist Board

WalesMaster - Wales Tourist Board

Shamrock Club - Irish Tourist Board

Destination Specialist - England

BritAgent - Visit Britain Tourist Board


Member of the BBB - A+ Rating

Receive personal service while booking your vacation.


Receive personal service while booking your vacation.
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A Tour Operator is effectively selling their knowledge, organizational skills, and packaging ability to provide our clients with a custom-fit solution where all details of their travel package are accounted for.  The end result should provide an experience for the traveler that would be very difficult to duplicate on their own.  Obviously, people also have the choice to organize each facet of the trip themselves and book their own travel, using whatever tools they have (ie: internet; travel magazines; experiences of friends, etc.)  This method can certainly be cheaper than using professional services, but can result in a much less rewarding experience.  


I am a professional, relying on my over 20 years of experience and training on the subject matter (the United Kingdom and Ireland) to put together a full and complete travel package for my clients.  The effective difference between myself and other travel companies, such as Tauck or Globus, etc, is that they are generally selling a prepackaged tour, while I am selling a fully customized itinerary, based on your requests; special interests, and in some cases, special needs.  Nor are we a hotel reservations booking service.  You can book hotels directly if you choose to do so through companies like Priceline, Travelocity, or Orbitz.  Unlike these companies, we are specialists in travel planning and that is what you are paying for.  

Additionally, we do not price a la carte. We do not charge you a service fee; it is built into the package price, and therefore, we, like every other tour operator, cannot provide you with a breakdown of individual prices of the many components of your tour package.